Monday, May 27, 2013

Spy your Girlfriends with Bosspy

If you want to install the software version, please uninstall the previous version of the software currently present on the phone *.

1. Activate your phone and follow the instructions below: go Menu then Browser

2. Then, connect to Internet from your mobile and enter the URL of the site:




3. Wait a few minutes during the download and then click 1mole_xx.apk file to start installing the software on your mobile.

4. Once the installation process is complete. Go to Settings->Accessibility and turn on the Services with the name is "".

5. At google search bar, type in access code to open the software 1mole (default is 123456 ) Or you can dial the access code to open the software 1mole.


6. In 1mole main screen, enter the email address and the password for your account Bosspy and click Login.


7. Click Settings to go to setting screen if you want to change configuration.

8. You can then set the range of updated GPS positions or turn off some options. You can change the secret code used to open the software on the phone. You must format it as follows: # at the beginning of the code and * at the end. For example #345456*

9. After make all change you want, don’t forget click Save and Start to save all new setting and program begin to work.

10. Click Back to return to main screen and then click Exit to hide program interface.

11. You can now log into your account on the website Go to Settings page and config your smtp email account. And then you just need to wait a few hours to receive your first keylogger report.


  1. how to install the app in android 4.2.2

  2. Just install like other apk file.. it's easy..Only one you need.. version 2.x.x or 4.x.x

  3. i stuck in step 4 , my device is samsung galaxy s4 , plz help me.....

  4. Please help , i am also not able to do step 4. there is no any such option in accecibity to activate , i am using jelly bean 4.1

  5. Im so sorry for jelly bean.

  6. I tried to install this application on Android (Karbonn-A-15) & to make changes in settings, I changed the secret code & keyed the cell phone to monitor ( which ideally should be the phone you want to monitor). After Clicking on Ok, & then saving the settings, I clicked on Quit button. When I started 1mole again, It does not save those settings at all. I reentered the settings again, followed the same process, rebooted the phone, Nogo. The settings are not saved.

  7. How to fucking delet it ... i deleted the apk file bt it still shows the option in settings... plz help plzzz

  8. Su Android 4.1 Jelly bean non funziona, non si riesce a far partire con 123456

  9. I am not able to open 1mole main screen by entering the default access code on google search bar

    1. i am having the same problem....its a samsung s4, and i have installed first the 2x and then the 4x...I am not able to open 1mole main screen by entering the default access code on google search bar or dial screen.....please advise what to do

  10. I am not able to save the changes in settings. Everytime the settings is not saved. I want to monitor another number from ny phone

  11. bosspy is not good and not really free, I suggest use some trusted ones like mobile spy or spyphone:
    hope it helps.

  12. I complete all the step and I enter the number which I want to monitor bt I hv been deny that I enter the wrong password or email while is correct


Thank you